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Starfleet Region One

USS Bonaventure Origin


This history of the Bonaventure is copied word-for-word from the old Bonaventure ship's manual from the 1990's. 










Here is a brief history of the USS Bonaventure, the Triad chapter of STARFLEET, the International Association of Star Trek Fan Club, Inc.


The Alaric, then Flagship for Region 1, was based in Burnsville, NC, with shuttles in Charlotte and Raleigh.  When a senior officer from the Charlotte area moved to Greensboro in 1986, the North Star was formed.


At that time, the Alaric already had shuttles in Charlotte and Raleigh. The North Star stayed a shuttle for two years which is about four times the average life of a shuttle and grew from twelve members to thirty-four four and in March 1988 petitioned for chapter status. Two months later, the shuttle North Star was recalled to base, and the Battleship U.S.S. Bonaventure was recommissioned and launched. 


In February 1991 the shuttle Hawkeye launched from the Bonaventure to serve members in the Winston-Salem area. In September of that year the USS Hawkeye was commissioned as an independent chapter. After there were no more new Star Trek series on tv membership in STARFLEET as a whole and the NC chapters declined. The Hawkeye decommissioned in 2000 as its membership dropped below ten, with many members coming to the Bonaventure. Joyce Allen, who passed away in 2020, was a member of the Bonaventure back in its early days, then the Hawkeye and then the Bonaventure again making her the member with the longest association with STARFLEET.


The Bonaventure has continued to serve the greater Triad area of Greensboro/High Point/Winston-Salem. We expanded our recruiting efforts through the MeetUp website, and as of 2021, we have 21 dues-paying STARFLEET members, as well as additional non-STARFLEET crew who enjoy discussing Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Babylon 5, and all other pop culture.

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