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USS Bonaventure







Approved unanimously by the Department Heads on stardate 201904.13.


Welcome Aboard! You have just been officially piped aboard the U.S.S. Bonaventure NCC-102-A. We hope that your tour of duty with us will be enjoyable, mutually beneficial and, most of all, down-right fun! Here are a few notes to help you find your way around the ship:


1. As a STAR TREK fan association, we’re dedicated to promoting fun and involvement for all of our members. A big part, but by no means the only way we do this, is by encouraging a level of role-play within the chapter. STARFLEET International, our parent organization, is structured around the fictional organization Starfleet in the STAR TREK universe, with ranks and positions that can be earned by a member’s level of participation and activity within the chapter, STARFLEET and the community at large. As with everything in the chapter and STARFLEET, your involvement with the role-play aspect is left to your personal discretion, but we do encourage a certain level of it to add a little “flavor” to the experience and to recognize members for their involvement and accomplishments. Advances in rank come according to the amount of participation in Bonaventure activities. Promotions come according to the ship’s Promotion Points System. Points accumulate from Bonaventure activities, participation in STARFLEET Academy and community service. If you are perfectly happy to putter around below decks as a technician and not worry about ranks or promotions, that’s OK too-we’re just happy to have you aboard!


2. STARFLEET members that transfer from other chapters will, in general, retain the rank they carried in their previous ship.


3. We get none of the dues sent to STARFLEET Headquarters. The Bonaventure requires no chapter dues.  However, donations to keep our site running are welcome.  As of 2017, it costs $60 every six months.  Donations may be made through the meetup site (though it takes a percentage of each gift) or given to the CO or XO. 


4. This chapter has several means to disseminate information to its members. The first is an email sent by our Communications Officer.  Such emails provide information about upcoming meetings and activities. The Bonaventure also has an online presence: a facebook page at U.S.S. Bonaventure and a meetup group on, also called USS Bonaventure.  Both are used to communicate information about meetings, activities, and other ship-relevant materials.  the official site is and is our official online presence. This gives everyone a description of who we are and what we do. Facebook and meetup also provide meeting times and locations, a brief listing of upcoming activities and official contact information for the chapter and STARFLEET.  


5. The Bonaventure has a Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy. We recognize the Vulcan philosophy of IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) and respect Gene Roddenberry’s vision  (Gene’s Dream) of an inclusive future.  Therefore, no harassment will be permitted and offenders will be disciplined within the purview of the chapter. (See Starfleet Member Handbook)  If a member suffers any form of harassment, they are asked to contact their Department Head (Section Chief) or the Command Staff (Captain or First Officer). We encourage members to seek resolution at levels closest to the issue, but if a Department Head cannot offer a satisfactory solution, members can feel free to take their concerns to the First Officer and, ultimately, to the Captain.  If the Captain’s decision is disputed or fails to bring resolution, members can contact the Region One (R1) Coordinator for redress. Be mindful and please respect the R1 Coordinator’s time and workload. The Command Staff and Department Heads want all members to know that we do take your respect and security very seriously and want to arrive at satisfactory resolutions.  If the Captain and/or First Officer is/are accused of violating this policy, the matter should first be discussed within the department heads, including the CO and XO; failure at this level can be redressed by a vote of the Bonaventure membership or be appealed to the R1 Coordinator.  CO and XO only serve at the pleasure of the crew.


6.  Online Interactions have become a part of most people’s lives.  Online interactions between crew members must be as appropriate as in-person conversations and the same harassment rules apply. If a crew member discovers that another member makes social media posts that the first crew member finds offensive, that crew member should consider unfollowing or unfriending that person. If a crew member does become embroiled in an online conflict and feels that the interaction is inappropriate, they may take screenshots (using printscreen) and take it to the CO, XO, or other appropriate Department Head.  We will not police what people post on social media except in cases where it leads to mistreatment of fellow crew members.


Uniforms are never required in the STARFLEET organization. Members who like to wear them are welcome to do so. Any Star Trek uniform is welcome and accepted at conventions. Bonaventure t-shirts, hats, patches, polo shirts and other cool items are available for members to buy and wear as they like. Ask the Captain or First Officer for more information. When we are out and about in the community or at an event where wearing a costume is either impractical or inappropriate, we have the Bonaventure “Duty Uniform”. This consists of a BONAVENTURE polo, sweat or t-shirt and black or dark slacks. The Bonaventure dress uniform is considered to be any Star Trek Federation uniform (Original Series, Enterprise, Movie (Classic or Next Generation), or Next Generation/Deep Space Nine/Voyager/Discovery series uniforms).


Departmental Duties on the U.S.S. Bonaventure

On a real starship, each department would have certain responsibilities for every-day ship functions. Since we really can’t travel the galaxy exploring new worlds, our departmental duties will be allotted to necessary chapter activities.  Departments may need to work together to coordinate some events.


  • MEDICAL- Social Events. This Section will plan social activities according to the wishes of the crew. Any reservations that are needed will be handled.

  • COMMUNICATIONS- Meetings and Calendar of Events. This Section collects and distributes information to the crew about upcoming meetings, events and news relevant to the membership. This Department’s Chief (Chief of Communications) is responsible for the monthly email reminder of ship events, including meeting times and directions.

  • ENGINEERING- Logistics. This department is responsible for coordinating the set up and operation of Bonaventure event tables and displays at conventions and other public events (such as movie premieres, parades and community service events). Note: coordinating does NOT mean that this Section will do all of the work. It means that it will organize our presence and assure that the display is transported, set up and adequately staffed.

  • OPERATIONS- Recruiting and Public Relations. This Section is responsible for promoting the chapter and STARFLEET within the community. The Chief of Operations is charged with finding venues and opportunities in which to place STARFLEET and Bonaventure promotional materials (flyers, posters, etc.) into the public eye. These venues include (but are not limited to): local conventions, bookstores, comic shops and theatres. The Chief of Operations (Ops) may also make reservations for meeting locations for monthly meetings/events.

  • SCIENCE- Community Services. This Section will plan and coordinate all community service projects and activities that the crew wishes to participate in. The Section Chief will usually act as liaison between the chapter and local community groups. SECURITY- no specific duties at this time.

  • COMPUTER OPERATIONS – Managing the ship’s website.  This department will keep updated ship documents accessible, such as the handbook, promotion points worksheet, etc.

  • SECURITY – Assisting with security at events.  This department will organize members to keep an eye on display items at conventions, movies, etc, if the Bonaventure has a table there.

Guidelines for Department Heads

The Department Head aboard the U.S.S. Bonaventure is a working position that is earned, not just assigned. These crewmembers have earned the honor and accepted the responsibilities of these positions. The Section Chief does not necessarily have the highest rank in that section. Requirements to Become a Section Chief

1. Member is on Bonaventure active duty status, which means that their STARFLEET dues are up to date.

2. Crewmember must take and pass OTS (Officer Training School) through Starfleet Academy.

3.  A written report may be submitted for the ship’s newsletter. This can be nonfiction (Bonaventure activities) or fictional (ship’s Sectional happenings.) We just need something that shows that you’re not asleep at the helm.

4.  The member should consistently do their best to represent STARFLEET’s ideals, Gene’s Dream, and IDIC.  As a leader on the ship, the face you present to the world influences how people see our ship and STARFLEET as a whole.

5.  All Department Heads must use STARFLEET ranks, not Marine ranks.


Requirements to Remain Department Head

1. Maintain active STARFLEET membership.

2.  The Department Head will do their best to attend chapter meetings.

3. The Department Head is encouraged to participate in the Region One RDC program, if applicable.

4.  The Department Head is expected to attend Department Heads Meetings, as scheduled by the Captain and/or First Officer. He or She is also expected to pass along all information from these meetings to the members in the department.  Most Department Head business can be conducted via facebook messaging.


A Marine Strike Group (MSG) may be started on the Bonaventure only with the approval of the CO and a 2/3 majority of the ship’s official members, determined by vote.  If approved, the MSG will not function as a department on the ship but as a loosely affiliated group and may not conduct business at regular ship meetings/events.




This Promotion Program has been set up to organize the methods by which a member can move up in rank. Promotions are strictly voluntary. If you want to stay as a Petty Officer (PO/3rd) and putter around the Rec. Deck, that is fine. STARFLEET and the Bonaventure are here for your enjoyment. If you want promotions, then you can earn them by taking courses in STARFLEET Academy and participating in Bonaventure activities and community services.


The CO

The CO will have a three-year term, but no term-limits.  The term may be renewed as often as the CO and the department heads are both willing and able.  If there is competition for the position of CO, the entire official membership of the Bonaventure will vote, with a simple majority determining the outcome.  Department heads will settle possible ties.


The XO

The XO will have a two-year term, but no term-limits.  The term may be renewed as often as the XO, the CO, and the department heads are all willing and able.  The XO shall be appointed by the CO with approval of the department heads. If there is competition for the position of XO, the CO and department heads will make the decision.  For the sake of continuity, the XO will use STARFLEET rank.





Please see the separate Promotion Points spreadsheet


**Special Promotion Considerations**

1. Whenever a member holding a NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) rank passes Officer Training School (OTS), he/she will be commissioned as a STARFLEET officer with the rank of Ensign.

2. Any member reaching the NCO rank of Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO) will not be promoted any higher until the completion of the OTS program.

3. Promotions must be at least three months apart.

5.  Completion of Officer Command College (OCC) is required for the promotion to Commander.  

6. Promotion to the rank of Captain is not done by the ship’s promotion system. This is done by the STARFLEET Executive Committee.  


Requirements for Promotion through the Point System

1. Member is on the active roster of the Bonaventure, which means that their STARFLEET dues are up to date.

2. Point sheet is complete and submitted to the First Officer or Captain along with any documents from SFA, award certificates or public service notes of recognition.

3. Once points are redeemed, they cannot be reused.

4.  Members are responsible for keeping track of their points using the Bonaventure Promotion Point Worksheet. Promotion requests must be submitted with this form and cannot be processed without it. (It keeps us organized!)  The worksheet may be submitted on paper or electronically.

5. The Captain has the final discretion upon awarding or denying promotions from PO/3 up through Commander per the bylaws of our parent organization, STARFLEET. Promotions can be denied or revoked by the Captain if requirements are not met by the member for that promotion or as the result of disciplinary action for misconduct. We want the promotions that our members earn to be badges of honor and accomplishment and are reflections on the chapter and its members’ character. As such we expect our members to earn and hold their ranks with integrity and honor. Promotion through the Point System For each total amount of points required for each rank, at least 50% and up to 100% of the points will be Bonaventure points (as listed below). Up to 50% of the number of the required points may be earned from Community Service Points.

8.  The Captain may grant points or promotion for exceptional service as seems appropriate.

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