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Captain's Log, Stardate 201806.11:

Thanks to all who attended our 30th anniversary on Saturday! Congratulations to all who received awards and/or promotions! There are a couple left over to be awarded at another time. Since the meeting, Molly has taken OTS and will be promoted to ensign at the next opportunity, so congratulations to Molly!

And finally, thanks to all who assisted a member in crisis at the end of the last meeting. Special thanks to Erika for her actions and her training, but thanks also to Jude for calling 911, to Jon and Janine for transporting our member and that member's car. Thanks to Rene for her actions, too. I am told that the EMTs who arrived complimented the Bonaventure for remaining level-headed in the crisis. Our thanks also to Wade at Angelina's for hosting us and for helping deal with the aftermath.

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