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Captain's Log, Stardate 201807.05:

I hope everyone had a good holiday yesterday! Three items I wanted to mention to everyone:

1) I have changed the location of our next meetup for July 14. We'll meet at Mother Tuckers. Those who wish to do Shift VR can do it after the meeting. Please RSVP because the VR place requires reservations.

2) We have the chance to have a table at Wizard World con in Winston on August 3-5, but we'll need to do some advertising for them AND we'll need people to run the table. If you'd like to volunteer, contact the Captain or XO. We'll get 4 free passes.

3) As we move into summer, it's a good time for us to be aware that the CO term is up at the end of the year. It's a three year term, for those who don't remember. I have stated my willingness to continue in the position and Jon has expressed that he'd like a chance at the position as well. Anyone who has been in Fleet 2 years and has taken OTS and OCC is eligible for the post. On a side note, we can use some new Dept Heads!

Thank you! That is all!

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