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Captain's Log, Stardate 201609.07:

By this time, all active Starfleet members should have received a ballot for the election of the next Commander, Starfleet. It is simple to vote by internet and save postage:

Go to and click the link that says "Click here to vote in the 2016 Starfleet election." You will be prompted for the 7 digit PIN code on your official ballot. Click the green Login bar and click on the candidates to rank them from first choice to fifth choice. Then, click the green "Submit Ballot" button.

Commander Gordon Craighead advises, "I encourage every member to vote. As of 09/04/2016, there are 4912 active members of Starfleet worldwide so your vote means a lot more than even your local elections coming in November."

There are candidate profiles included in your packet. Voting is open until 11/15/2016.

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